Teambuilding Activities

Corporate Adventure Race

E mail/Ball game The team stands in a circle with a ball that each person must throw to another without it touching the ground.

Team building outcome: Networking, establishing of sequence and possess, communication, sharing of ideas, Fun
Blind Balls Team members must guide blind folded members of their team to fetch balls and bring them back to the group.
Team building outcome: Effective teamwork, Co-ordination, Team spirit and fun.
Sand Skis The team must move from point A to point B all on the same sand skis in co-ordination without stopping and touching the ground.
Team building outcome: Planning, Stretching comfort zones, team spirit and fun
Chinese Pyramid - Team must move the tires between 3 poles, one tire at a time, as determined by the group to get the tires in the correct sequence.
Team building outcome: Teamwork, Communication & planning
All Aboard - The purpose of this activity is to fit a given number of people on a given surface area.
Team building outcome: Planning, Teamwork & Personal space.
Blind Man - Blindfolded members of the team will be guided by the remainder to complete a given task
Team building outcome: Communication, Trust & Listening ability.
Spiders Web - The team must help each other pass through a large spiders web one at a time, without touching the threads.
Team building outcome: Support, Trust & Planning
Poison Ivy - The team must move, fill and replace a bucket with water within a restricted area without spilling the water.
Team building outcome: Participation, Communication & Planning
Trust fall - A Team member place his life completely in the hands of the team
Team building outcome: Trust
Blindfold Square - Teams must shape a rope, blindfoldedwith restrictions
Team building outcome: Crisis Management & Communication
5 Pebbles Each person in the group must have 5 pebbles. Team members will as each other questions. Answers may not include a yes or a no, each time a member answer with a yes or a no, he/she looses a pebble. Who will have the most pebbles at the end of the activity?
Team building outcome: Self-control, Planning, Being focused, Concentration, Fun
There will be a discussion and feedback after each team building activity and Ice breakers in-between activities to relax the mind before the next corporate team building activity.