Teambuilding Activities

Cultural & Shebeen Tour

Our Cultural & Shebeen Tour takes guests into Mandela Village Township to see and learn more about:

  • The culture of people living there.
  • Different traditions.
  • Background of the community living there.
  • To have fun.

The Program

You will be transported from Adventure Addicts Guest lodge to Mandela Village where you will visit the following places:

The famous Mandela Square in Hammanskraal where you will be welcomed by gumboot dancers and participate in some interactive gumboot dancing, this is great fun.

  • The Chibuku Tavern.
  • The tin house in Mandela Village.
  • The Sangomas Place.
  • The Anglican Church.
  • The vibrant Khuwana Tavern.
  • The African Jazz Caf Enjoy a lunch the traditional African way.