Teambuilding Activities

CSI Who is the murderer?

This corporate team building activity is great fun and very popular.

The group will be divided into smaller teams. To find the murderer, the teams have to to use forensic techniques, determining the sequence of the criminal events to establish proof of the crime.                                                               

Lots of laughs as teams manage their time to solve the problem and derive the right answers from a myriad of information and opportunities.

First the teams must attend Crime School where they receive hands on training in crime scene investigation. Then you and your unit must put your knowledge against each other to gather and analyze evidence in order to solve the case and be declared Best in Class!. This creative team building activity will encourage your staff to exercise flexible thinking and act strategically as a team in order to meet the challenge objectives.

Each team will get time to fully investigate the crime scene, using the techniques they learned in Crime School. Each team must then present their findings and convey their conclusions in a final presentation. The group with the analysis closest to the actual crime variables will be declared the winner.       

The teams will undergo a debrief by the facilitator to establish the value and relevance of the teamwork to the everyday workplace.