Teambuilding Activities

Corporate Adventure Race

Fun Team building activities that can address corporate team building needs as well as other team building groups. The amount of activities depend on the size of the group. You can choose the team building activities that best address your needs.


Eco Safari Challenge

This corporate team building activity offers game viewing with a diference

Diamond Rush

This exiting corporate team building activity consist of the typical treasure hunt using advanced technology.


Bass Fishing

Corporate or any other team building groups, Which team will catch the most bass?






Frisbee Soccer

Enjoy the frills of soccer, without the technical difficulties with this corporate team building activity.



Survivor Challenges

Corporate teams create an identity by selecting a tribal name, team flag & their own unique war cry.

Picnic Olympics (Boeresport)

This is a great way to enhance team camaraderie through fun and exiting side by side competition.


6 Nations Cocktail Competition

Let the creativity flow with this corporate team building activity.





Casino Evening

Combine this fun activity with some of the other corporate team building activities to include some fun.


Murder Dinner

Everyone is a suspect when murder is on the menu; this corporate team building activity serve up murder, mystery and fun for corporate groups.


Survival of the Fittest

You get lost in a jungle, how far will you go to survive?


With this corporate team building activity, groups have to navigate their way through a set of instructions with only a compass and a map.

Creative Building

By using building blocks, you and your team need to build certain objects.

Scavenger Hunt

Teams need to collect, create and photograph a list of things, put everything together in a presentation and convince the judges!

CSI Who is the murderer?

Who dunnit, with what and why?




Raft building

For corporate or any other team building groups that want to have fun and is not affraid of getting wet.


Top Chef Cook Outs

Corporate or other team building teams compete against each other to find out which team will make the best Potjie.


Win it in a minute

This corporate team building activity is based on the popular TV show "Minute to win it".

Cultural & Shebeen Tour

a Corporate team building activity with a difference!